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How to keep your child playing on the waterslide safe and beneficial

Water slide is a game that babies are extremely loved. Not only is this a game to help children have fun, enjoy cool water, but also help them develop muscles, bones and height. So this is also a game that fathers and mothers like for their children to have fun.

But in parallel, this is also a thrilling and no less dangerous game for children if they play in an abusive way, play in a wrong way, not in the right way.

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Some dress rules to note:

– Do not wear costumes that have buttons, zippers or hard, sharp decorative objects … will cause scratches of the trough, causing players to get scratched on the back …

– Do not wear jean, khaki, thick clothes with high friction may get stuck on the trough.

– Do not wear rings with beads, bracelets, necklaces, metal watches, stones, marble, glasses or carry hard objects …, because these types of jewelry and hard objects may cause injury.

Special notes for fathers and mothers

Do not play with too many children, causing jostling and sliding on each other

Restricted to underweight children, under 4 years old and under 20 kg

Limit play on hot noon days

Limit feeding your baby too full or to hungry before playing

Playing time is from 30 ’to 1 hour, avoiding playing for too long causes fatigue and fatigue


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